MRPeasy is a perfect fit for manufacturing and distribution companies with 10-200 employees.

Micro-companies, if they aren't in the High-Tech industry, or they don't have previous ERP/MRP system implementation experience, may lack the competence for the system deployment.

Additionally, the use of such a complex system in a very small company may not give a satisfactory financial result or improve effectiveness.

Big companies may require a more integrated system and additional functionality, depending on the specific challenges they face.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you read and fulfill the Implementation Guidelines.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

Implementation of MRP or ERP software is a complex project, regardless of the price of the software. Depending on the size and scope of the implementation, the project can take from a month to a year.

Successful implementation depends largely on the quality of cooperation between supplier and buyer, but also largely on understanding the following rules of successful implementation: 

  • Implementation of manufacturing software is a serious project. The buyer must set up a project group, appoint its leader, and provide the necessary resources (mainly time) and authority. An implementation schedule must be defined and executed in cooperation with the supplier. The head of the company is not required to be the leader of the implementation project, but they must provide support and control.

  • It is not practical to automate all at once. Such implementation would be very costly in every sense. The implementation project should be divided into reasonable steps, including separating the organizational activities from purely technical issues. 

  • The aim of the project should not be the automation of the existing order, but rather, improving the efficiency and control of production. During the implementation project, the company is able to streamline its business processes using the best practices available, which allows the enterprise to be managed more effectively. 

  • It is reasonable for the final decision on implementation to be made based on the results of the test run. To test the software, it is recommended to allow the software to manage a part of the daily work  – for example, to automate the production of orders from the customer.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

The first thing to do is to take a test drive. Like you would when you purchase a car.

If you haven't yet, upload the demo data in the section "Demo data and videos" and watch the videos which explain the basics. It will save you a lot of time.

Just use the demo data to understand the logic. 

Keep in mind that you can always go back to the "Demo data and videos" section to clear any changes you've made. You can clear all transactions, or start with the demo dataset once more, or delete the demo data and start with a fresh database.

Once you really understand how the system behaves, please do not forget to open the Implementation Guidelines.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

You can clear your database in the software section Settings -> Database maintenance by choosing "Empty database" or "Delete all orders and stock".

We do not provide automatic deletion of our generic demo data, in order to save data consistency.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

The idea of the test task is to figure out how MRPeasy can solve the challenge(s) your company has.

The test task consists of three main parts:

  1. The objectives of testing. 

    E.g. "I need to know exactly what materials I need to purchase, and which are already available."

  2. A detailed description of the business case. 

    E.g. "Customer A ordered 500 units of product X. 100 units of product X are in stock, 100 are in production. I need to schedule production for another 300 units to fill this order. I also need to order materials, since there is not enough in stock. The customer wants to know when can I deliver. How can I solve this problem?"

  3. The relevant and simplified* data.

    E.g. What is the product? What materials does it consist of, what steps at which stations are taken to produce it; what is the lead time for materials? who is the vendor? etc.


The output of the test task is the procedure (or possibly multiple alternatives) for solving the core challenge(s). Based on this you will see how MRPeasy will benefit your company, and ultimately, how to integrate it into your daily operations.

* Why use simplified, but not real information yet?

  • Firstly, to save extreme amounts of time. To figure out how to see purchase requirements, there is no need to simulate the production of a product with 200 parts. Just a few parts in the BOM will give the same answer, but with less clutter. 

  • Secondly, you should not get hung up on basic data entry, if the goal is to test a function. Plus, if you make an entry error, it's easy to quickly find it and fix it if you have a few data points.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

It is possible to enter everything manually into MRPeasy once the information is necessary, and when it comes in. Sometimes it will also make sense to upload information all at once if you have a lot of it.

Demo video: Importing data.

If you are uploading information to an empty database, it's recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Import Vendors and their information.
  2. Set up Workstation Groups and Workstations. These cannot be set up via an import.
  3. Import Storage Locations.
  4. Import Items. Optionally, it is also possible to import current stock quantity and cost during item creation, as well as one Purchase Term per article with article import.
  5. Import inventory levels, if skipped in step 4.
  6. For purchased goods, import Purchase Terms, if skipped in step 4, or have more than 1 per item.
  7. For produced items, import BOMs.
  8. For produced items, import Routings.
  9. Import Customers.
  10. Import Price Lists.

Samples for each import are available in the User Manual.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

For sending documents (for example, PO) via e-mail (by clicking the button "Send PO"), your computer should have a default mail program set.

You can find out how to do that by searching for "how to set default mail client" in any search engine. 

In case of any difficulties, seek help from your local IT specialist. 

Otherwise, save the document as a PDF file and attach it to your e-mail.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.


Let's say when I create a MO, number "MO-00048" is assigned. If that was a mistake, I won't save it and cancel it. After, If I create a new MO, "MO-00049" will be assigned automatically. Is it possible that I get the previous number i.e. "MO-00048" but I never created that MO. Having MO in order will really help us. If some number is missing in between, we can know that the MO is missing.


Yes, this is how the software works. Each time a user starts to enter new data, a unique number is assigned. This guarantees that even if several users start to add similar data at the same time, each entry will receive a unique number and be saved.

For example, your account has 2 users. If one user starts to add an item (or any other entry), this item would receive the number "A-00001". If the second user would add an item before the first user saves their item, the second item would receive the number "A-00002", but not "A-00001". But at the time the second user starts to add the item, it is not known whether the first user will save the item or cancel.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

We provide temporary test accounts, up to 6 times. Just sign up for a new account and you can use it for free until the free trial period ends.

Several of our clients use a parallel test account for quite a long time for various reasons:

  • To test a new functionality
  • To train staff
  • To try new ways of working

All the accounts are initially free, as usual, but after the free trial period, they are billed according to the current price list.

If you wish to create an additional account with the same email, which is already used, use an alias. Alias is the email with the address, for example,, where is the original email.

When you need to copy your current data from your paid account to a new account and experiment with it without fear of changing the good database, we can do it once for free. Further at the price of one working hour.

Please make a backup copy of the database in Settings -> Database Maintenance and attach it to your ticket.

If the file is too large, please upload it to Dropbox or WeTransfer and send us the link.

Also, tell us the account number where it should be uploaded. We will do this in 1-2 business days.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

Your data is in great hands

The software and databases are located on dedicated servers, to which only a few authorized personnel have access. Your data is only accessed on an ‘as-needed only basis, and only when it has been approved by you. 

We also use AWS in the US, which is the best known cloud storage provider.

We back up our system in real-time

All data is backed up in real-time to servers in hot reserve, which we can switch to if needed. In addition, we regularly make full-service backups, which we encrypt and then transfer to another location, just to be extra safe.

However, this applies to the entire pool of databases, which stores the databases of all customers. We do not make backups and cannot restore the database of a specific client. Read how to make a backup copy of your specific database in the User Manual.

Your connection is secure and always available

The connection is encrypted by the latest security standards because your data is for your eyes only.  Our service has always been up and running for 99.9% of the time, and we intend to keep it that way (really! we’ve never had any unexpected downtime, just our regular planned maintenances).

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

MRPeasy is available in the UK, US, Canada, several other countries in the Americas, the Euro area, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, RSA, Egypt, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, and Gulf countries.

For the supported countries, we provide a set of varying features: currency, etc.

We do not recommend using MRPeasy if you are not from a supported country. You may meet technical difficulties, and we will not be able to help. 

The list of supported countries may change from time to time.

Our prices are in US dollars, except for the UK and Europe.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

Yes, using the MRPeasy system for stock management and CRM is possible. The stock management functionality within the MRPeasy software is one of the strongest on the market. 

You can hide unnecessary modules using the user access rights option.

Just please take into consideration, that when your customer will use MRPeasy as a stock management software, then

 - if your customer is a trading company, then OK;

 - if your client is a manufacturing company, then they will need to manually add final products to the stock and manually write off raw materials.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

To use the system effectively and realize benefits, in total there must be at minimum 5-10 persons (i.e. users) presented in the company account, and the following roles must be represented: the salesperson, the stock manager, the production planner, the shop floor worker, and the purchasing manager. Understanding how these roles perform together in the system might take some time and effort. 

For more help:

  • You can use our support services, brought in Settings -> Support section of the program.
  • You can turn to our Authorized Consultants: /consultants/.
  • You can turn to our User Manual, which describes existing functionality on 100% and has many step-by-step instructions, with appropriate demo videos.
  • We have Implementation Guidelines and Testing Manual.

However, we believe you understand that it is impossible to consult you via support tickets to deploy the system in your company, especially if you do not have the relevant experience with similar solutions. Since we do not know your company, and we've never met you, we can only explain how our system works, but we cannot say how you should organize your business process or how to use MRP software. Hence, MRPeasy is self-service software.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

MRPeasy is a software development company, our product is a self-service platform, where all clients use the same instance of cloud-based software. 

Since we want to focus on building great software, we are unable to offer MRP/ERP implementation consultations.

Still, we are here to help with functionality questions (we can explain and teach MRPeasy functionality), but we leave implementation services to local professionals in your area. 

Implementation consultations can be provided by our independent partners - Authorized Consultants, under an agreement between you and them.

For more information please log in, and visit Settings -> Support.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.

Attention! From January 2022, we no longer provide such a service as customization. 

The terms and conditions below were valid until then.

1. We add new functionality at our discretion. MRPeasy provides one software instance to all clients, so we provide customizations, which will be used by all clients, not just personal development. Because of that, we cannot provide exclusivity on the customizations made. Paid customization does not legally belong to the payer. 

2. If you are interested in paid customization, please submit a support ticket at Settings -> Support with the subject line "Customization request". Images can be attached if necessary too.

3. We receive a considerable number of requests and proposals, so our Technology department cannot provide quotations for customization to clients in the testing phase. 

4. We charge US$ 150 (£115, €130) per working hour. Projects are developed after the full down payment is received. 

5. MRPeasy is a complex software system, that consists of more than a million lines of code. The quote includes not only research, analysis, design, development, testing, and rollout, but also the support of made customization during the lifetime. Even a small change contains up to fifteen stages and rarely takes less than 4 hours. 

6. Quotes and respective invoices are valid for 14 days.

7. Because of technical reasons we are unable to discuss several customizations in parallel, unfortunately. Please open the next ticket when the previous customization is finished.

8. We do not follow how our clients use MRPeasy, and not always know why do you need the requested feature. Even if the feature is developed, this doesn't guarantee, that your future customization request will be fulfilled. For any reason - technical or organizational - our Technical Department might not be able to fulfill a further customization request, even when it is connected with an already developed feature.

9. Development is carried out following your written request or provided technical documentation after receiving full advance payment from you. We have a no-refund policy.

Need more information? Check the User Manual or open a Support Ticket.
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