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Week 7 in Manufacturing News
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Week 7 in Manufacturing News

U.S. Manufacturing Production Rises Solidly Despite Semiconductor Shortage; Manufacturing a National Economic Recovery; How to Boost Productivity by Making Manufacturing Smarter; Brexit Causing Supply Problems for Small UK Manufacturers: Survey.

U.S. Manufacturing Production Rises Solidly Despite Semiconductor Shortage

Output at U.S. factories increased more than expected in January even as a shortage of semiconductors weighed on the production of motor vehicles, pointing to resilience in the manufacturing sector recovery.

Manufacturing production rose 1.0% last month after gaining 0.9% in December, the Federal Reserve said on Wednesday. That was the ninth straight monthly advance in factory production.

Source: Reuters

Manufacturing a National Economic Recovery

James Sopwith, group strategic account director at adi Group, discusses the operational strategies manufacturers can employ to shore up their partners needs and increase their supply chain resilience durability in times of crisis.

A smart supply chain approach
Like many industries, manufacturing wasn’t immune to the crippling operational effects of COVID-19, with output declining by 6.6% between February and October 2020.

Source: The Engineer

How to Boost Productivity by Making Manufacturing Smarter

In this article, Nicole Ballantyne at KTN explains the support available through the Manufacturing Made Smarter Challenge.

UK manufacturing has to get better at adopting new technologies and driving innovation if the country is to maintain its global status post-Brexit, recover post-COVID and fight the decades-long decline in productivity. But in times of economic uncertainty, it’s scarier than ever for individual businesses to take the necessary risks.

Source: Production Engineering Solutions

Brexit Causing Supply Problems for Small UK Manufacturers: Survey

New post-Brexit trade restrictions have pushed up the cost of parts and raw materials for two thirds of small British manufacturers surveyed last month, and a majority reported some level of disruption.

The survey of nearly 300 firms, by consultants South West Manufacturing Advisory Service (SWMAS) and the Manufacturing Growth Programme, a government and European Union-funded initiative providing support to small firms, adds to the picture of disruption from new customs checks that came into force on Jan. 1 for goods trade with the EU.

Source: Reuters


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