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Week 30 in Manufacturing News
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Week 30 in Manufacturing News

Medical Device Manufacturing Opportunities Born from COVID-19 Disruption; Manufacturers warn of UK ‘jobs bloodbath’; Australian manufacturing has been in terminal decline but coronavirus might revive it; Managing distress in the manufacturing sector.

Medical Device Manufacturing Opportunities Born from COVID-19 Disruption

A new 2020 State of Manufacturing Report reveals industry leaders grappling with fallout from the pandemic while eyeing new opportunities created by the disruption.

COVID-19 has been brutal to the global manufacturing and supply chain ecosystems, medical device manufacturing included. But the manufacturing companies that survive COVID-19 will be the ones that recognized the innovation opportunities in the mix — not just the problems.

Source: MDDIonline

Manufacturers Warn of UK ‘Jobs Bloodbath’ 

More than half of UK manufacturers expect to make job cuts over the next six months as large employers across automotive, aerospace and other core industries brace themselves for a sustained downturn in demand during the pandemic.

The UK will lose high value skills in what is being called a “jobs bloodbath” by manufacturing trade group Make UK, whose members reported that their redundancy plans were ramping up as the prospects for a return to normal trading faded.

Source: Financial Times

Australian Manufacturing has Been in Terminal Decline but Coronavirus Might Revive it

The widespread shutdown of global supply chains caused by COVID-19 has been good news for Adelaide metal printing company AML3D.

“We’ve seen quite a reasonable increase, probably two-fold from what we would normally get,” founder and managing director Andy Sales said.

Source: ABC News

Managing Distress in the Manufacturing Sector

Business leaders in the manufacturing sector will need to take a brave, critical look at future business models or explore some form of restructuring process to protect their companies against the economic challenges arising from the coronavirus crisis.

Source: Pinset Masons


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