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Week 18 in Manufacturing News
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Week 18 in Manufacturing News

Manufacturers Hit a Wall as Coronavirus Saps Demand; Rise in Demand for US Manufacturers Creates New Opportunities; UK manufacturing down to lowest capacity utilisation rate on record; 6 Things Our Podcast Guests Wish People Understood About Manufacturing.


Manufacturers Hit a Wall as Coronavirus Saps Demand

Major U.S. manufacturers said some closed plants may never reopen and new product introductions could be delayed, after the coronavirus pandemic slashed demand for everything from motorcycles to industrial paint.

Source: WSJ.

Rise in Demand for Several Manufacturing Industries Creates New Opportunities

The sectors that have most felt the rise in demand include relatively new and innovative industries, such as technology, IT, and computer security, as new products and tech discoveries have led to a more significant number of products being developed for purchase.

  • Consider expanding your premises to allow you to increase your fulfillment rates and to improve the productivity of your company.
  • Coping with a rise in demand can be difficult unless you choose to opt for a recruitment drive.

Source: The Manufacturer.

UK manufacturing down to lowest capacity utilisation rate on record

Manufacturing output has fallen below 60 percent of capacity to the lowest level since records began 40 years ago reflecting the closure and cutbacks at UK factories in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The extent of the damage to the economy from lockdown was further underlined by data showing confidence in the services sector also slumped to a record low, raising the spectre of a spike in job losses, according to data from the European Commission.

Source: Financial Times.

6 Things Our Podcast Guests Wish People Understood About Manufacturing

On the Thomas Industry Update Podcast, episode guests have shared a great deal of actionable advice for our industrial business leader listeners. They’ve taught us about Industry 4.0, the secrets behind Disney’s extreme marketing success, and the importance of education and apprenticeship opportunities to bridge the skills gap.

  1. U.S. Manufacturing Has Never Been Better
  2. An Industrial Role Isn’t Just a Job, It’s a Career
  3. There’s Room for Innovation in Manufacturing
  4. Industry Fosters Creativity
  5. Hands-on is the Best Kind of Experience
  6. Manufacturing Isn’t What You See in Movies

Source: ThomasNet.

Karl H Lauri
Karl H Lauri

For more than 4 years, Karl has been working at MRPeasy with the main goal of getting useful information out to small manufacturers and distributors. He enjoys working with other industry specialists to add real-life insights into his articles, with a special focus on using the feedback from manufacturers implementing MRP software. Karl has also collaborated with respected publications in the manufacturing field, including IndustryWeek and FoodLogistics.

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