Welcome to the MRPeasy Referral Partner Program

A Referrer is an independent company (not individual), that recommends MRPeasy to friends or business contacts. Referral is a company to whom MRPeasy is recommended. Referral Partners may choose to receive a referral fee of 10% of the first year’s license, or, if desired, no fee at all.

How It Works

When you register as a Referral Partner, and your registration is approved, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links to place on your website (it is required to have a valid website). When visitors click on the links, they will be redirected to MRPeasy website and their activity will be tracked by the Partner program.

Banner or textual link should be placed at your website in 7 days after getting our approval email. You can check your traffic statistics and account balance and see how your banners and referrals are performing at any time.

Benefits to Partners

MRPeasy Referral Partners benefit from the program in many ways:

  • Association with the leading provider of integrated MRP software.
  • The ability to “bundle” your specialized services around your client’s MRPeasy reference.
  • Exclusive access to inside information on MRPeasy features, benefits, and new releases.
  • Access to co-branded marketing, whitepapers, and webinars.

There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for membership in the MRPeasy Referral Partner Program. In addition, MRPeasy bears the cost of onboarding and servicing companies you refer.

Benefits to Clients

Companies you introduce to MRPeasy will benefit from a substantially lower cost of the service than they would experience with “traditional” software; and also from really working production planning and scheduling functionality, user-friendly CRM, SCM and stock control functionality, that will allow them to become more efficient and competitive manufacturers.

Program Details

Commission Type: With pay-per-sale commissions you’ll earn 10% from subscription payments received from your referral (taxes excluded) for the 1-st year.

Payout Requirements: Payouts are made to the company bank or PayPal account that you registered in the Partner Program. A formal invoice is required.

Payout Duration: Payments are made once per month within 15 days of your withdrawal request, min. withdrawal is 100.

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