Salesforce & MRPeasy Integration

Tie your CRM directly with your manufacturing or distribution operation using MRPeasy’s seamless Salesforce integration

Salesforce & MRPeasy Integration
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MRPeasy is a cloud-based MRP/ERP system purpose-built for small and medium distributors and manufacturers. This powerful software incorporates intuitive and easy to use production planning and inventory management tools, making lead time and production cost estimating easier than ever.

While MRPeasy includes both sales and procurement sections out-of-the-box, the Salesforce integration allows you to take your CRM to a whole new level of productivity. Connected via Zapier, Salesforce and MRPeasy work seamlessly together – Salesforce handles incoming sales while MRPeasy takes care of order fulfilment, inventory and production management, and procurement.

MRPeasy & Salesforce integration features:

  • Easily send Customer Orders from Salesforce to MRPeasy.
  • Push updates to Customer Orders in MRPeasy.
  • Automatically keep Customer Orders in sync with Salesforce when order statuses change in MRPeasy.
  • Carry over business-critical data between both apps, including customer details, shipping addresses, and order statuses.
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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a data-driven CRM platform that offers a host of tools for lead generation and customer success, enabling your team to gain market insights and close sales in a unified, cloud-based solution. Flexible and versatile, Salesforce speeds up acquisition and sales productivity, while helping to cut costs and raise efficiency.

Integrated through Zapier, MRPeasy and Salesforce work together seamlessly to enable fully automated communication between your sales and manufacturing or distributing operation.

Connect MRPeasy with Salesforce using Zapier

Connecting Salesforce with MRPeasy through Zapier is a simple procedure with no coding required. Just follow the instructions in the MRPeasy User Manual:

Create a Salesforce account and get MRPeasy connected with a powerful CRM solution.

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