Pipedrive is a powerful user-friendly CRM system, it gives great capabilities to manage your sales process. Pipedrive CRM and MRPeasy can work seamlessly together so that sales are done in Pipedrive and production, inventory, and purchasing management, and order fulfillment are done in MRPeasy.

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  3. Configuring the integration.
  4. Importing customers' information.
  5. Matching customers in MRPeasy and Pipedrive.
  6. Importing items between MRPeasy and Pipedrive.

How does the integration work between MRPeasy and Pipedrive?

The integration gaps different operational roles in a company so that all sales activities can take place in Pipedrive, and all manufacturing and fulfillment activities - order fulfillment, production planning and reporting, inventory control, and procurement - take place in MRPeasy.

It works like this:

  1. When a deal in Pipedrive reaches a specified stage, it will be automatically imported to MRPeasy as a Customer Order (CO).
  2. Once the customer order is imported to MRPeasy, then
    - the deal in Pipedrive can be automatically moved to a next stage,
    - it is possible to either manually or automatically book goods in MRPeasy.
  3. If in MRPeasy the products become available and the order is ready for shipment or is shipped, then
    - the corresponding deal in Pipedrive can be automatically moved to the next stages,
    - and notes about the events can be added automatically to the deals.

Particular actions (stages and notes) are configured during the setup and can be customized later.

Setup of the integration between MRPeasy and Pipedrive

Before configuring the integration between Pipedrive and MRPeasy, please check the following:

  1. Additional feature "Products" is turned ON in Pipedrive -> Tools and apps -> Products.
  2. If there are products in Pipedrive and stock items in MRPeasy, the Product code of products in Pipedrive needs to match the Part number of stock items in MRPeasy.
  3. You are a power user in Pipedrive and can view all deals.

To connect Pipedrive and MRPeasy, please do the following:

  1. Go to MRPeasy -> Settings -> System settings -> Integration -> Pipedrive and click the button Connect to Pipedrive.
  2. Log in to your Pipedrive account.
  3. Allow MRPeasy to access the required data.
  4. For every pipeline, select which deals to import into MRPeasy.
  5. Choose whether to book products in MRPeasy for imported deals automatically or not.
  6. Select whether to import customer addresses or not.
  7. Select what to do in Pipedrive with deals which were just imported, deals which are ready for shipment, and deals which are shipped. It's possible to
    - move the deal to some other stage,
    - create a note in Pipedrive.
  8. Save.

Import customer information from Pipedrive

For privacy and data consistency reasons, it is advised to have customer information in one place only. That is, if the main CRM is Pipedrive, better to have his contact details in Pipedrive only. In this case, MRPeasy will create a customer with the name only in MRPeasy CRM, and use it for all orders that are imported from Pipedrive.

Depending on your business specifics, you may want to import customer information from Pipedrive to MRPeasy.

To import customer address from Pipedrive to MRPeasy:

  1. Go to Settings -> System settings -> Integrations -> Pipedrive.
  2. Configure the integration between Pipedrive and MRPeasy.
  3. Select the option "Import addresses".

When a new customer is created:

  • Pipedrive "Company" or "Person" -> MRPeasy customer "Name".
  • If the customer has several addresses in Pipedrive, the first one will be imported to MRPeasy.

To import more customer information, select the "Synchronize Customers" option. The software will show all possible fields for organizations and people from Pipedrive, and you can choose which information to import.

Synchronization is one-way to avoid collisions. When information changes in Pipedrive, it is updated in MRPeasy automatically, but not vice versa.

Matching customers in MRPeasy and Pipedrive

When importing an order from Pipedrive, MRPeasy tries to find an existing customer. If it is not found, a new customer is created.

When trying to match an existing customer in MRPeasy to the company or person in Pipedrive, the following lookup methods are tried:

  1. Pipedrive "Company name" -> MRPeasy customer "Name".
  2. Pipedrive "Person" -> MRPeasy customer "Name".
  3. Pipedrive ID number ("NNNN") -> MRPeasy customer "Number" ("0PDONNNNN" or "0PDPNNNNN").
  4. Pipedrive e-mail -> MRPeasy customer e-mail.

Importing products between MRPeasy and Pipedrive

Both Pipedrive and MRPeasy allow to export and import products using CSV files:

  • in Pipedrive, please go to Settings -> Export data or Import data;
  • in MRPeasy, please go to Stock -> Stock items and click on CSV to export data, or Import from CSV to import data.

Please note that products are matched by Product code in Pipedrive and Part number in MRPeasy.

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