Service orders

A Service Order (SO) is an order for repairing or maintenance of returned products or items which failed quality control. Materials and operations can be added to the service order at any point in time.

This is a special type of a Manufacturing Order (MO), it will be displayed normally in the production schedule like any other manufacturing order in Production planning -> Manufacturing Orders.

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  1. How to add a service order? How to perform repairs or maintenance of products?
  2. How to plan materials for the service order?
  3. How to schedule production capacity for the service order?

Creating a service order, repair order, maintenance order

A service order can be started from:

  1. Stock -> Stock lots -> a stock lot's details page if this lot has failed quality control, the status of the lot is Rejected.
    Available, if the Quality Control functionality is enabled.
  2. CRM -> Customer returns (RMAs) -> RMA order's details page if the type of this RMA order is Repair or Repair and invoice.
    Available, if the Return Merchandise Authorization functionality is enabled.

Material and capacity planning for the service order

Automated capacity planning works when during the creation of the service order, the required parts and operations along with workstation groups and required times are all entered.

The scheduling of the service order works the same way as for a Manufacturing Order:

  • If materials are available right now, the production could start earliest on the first availability of the required workstations.
  • If materials are not available right now, the production could start earliest on the first availability of the required workstations after today's date + lead time of the materials.

Automated capacity planning does not work when the worker who fulfills the service order adds parts and operations at the time when the order is being done after it has been saved.

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