Procurement Software for Small Manufacturers

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Streamline your procurement process

Easily manage material demand, suppliers, and purchase orders, connect your purchasing with manufacturing and the stockroom.

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“MRPeasy makes me feel more confident about being able to manage that next big spike in demand.”

Bob Bastedo

Executive Director of Procurement and Purchasing at Limelife by Alcone

“With MRPeasy, our vendor performance is improving as we are able to expedite purchasing processes and plan supplies in a more efficient manner.”

Chris Landen

Operations Manager at Exacta Technologies

Create and manage purchase orders with ease

  • Effortlessly manage your vendors, purchase terms, purchase orders (POs), and their statuses all in one place.
  • Benefit from comprehensive purchasing reports that show you what to order and when.
  • Get notified of material demand as sales and production managers book products and materials for orders.
  • Automatically fill POs with vendor information, prices, and expected dates according to the purchase terms when you create POs for the required parts.
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Tightly connect your purchasing with manufacturing

  • Update purchase terms in bulk when vendors provide new price lists for their wares.
  • Allow your production team to make use of data on material availability, lead times, and costs for more efficient production planning.
  • Book available materials from stock or direct from planned purchases and easily identify quantities of any missing materials.
  • Follow color-coded warnings when required procured parts are delayed or fail inspection.
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Stay on top of your procurement

  • Follow the ‘Critical on-hand’ report to stay informed of all items that are below their reorder point stock value and need reordering.
  • Check ‘Requirements’ to see which customer or manufacturing orders are missing items and when they should be ordered.
  • Easily manage all quality inspections in one place and oversee received stock lots in need of inspection.
  • Keep track of partial receipts when materials are shipped in multiple shipments for larger orders or backorders.
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Integrated Procurement Software for Business Growth

  • Production Planning

    Accurate automatic planning and realistic production schedule. Reschedule dynamically by just dragging and dropping manufacturing orders and operations in the calendar or Gantt chart.

  • Stock

    Inventory management, stock movements, batch and serial number tracking. Set and optimize stock levels and avoid stock-outs. Have a clear history of your stock operations.

  • CRM (Sales Management)

    Just a few clicks to calculate the product cost and the best delivery time. Send quotations and invoices, prepare shipments. Send confirmed customer order to production. Track the sales process all the way from quotation right down to delivery using a simple pipeline view.

  • Team

    Simple environment for line workers to follow tasks on desktop or mobile device. Real-time shop floor reporting. Real-time overview of the need and availability of human resources.

  • Purchasing

    Manage purchases and raise pre-filled purchase orders with a single click. Vendors, prices, lead times, it’s all there. Manage your supply chain with the help of accurate statistics. Forecast your procurement needs.

  • Analytics

    At a glance, this is an overview of the whole business process. Follow COs, MOs, POs, stock levels, invoices, OEE, sales, cash flow. Understand the profitability of manufacturing orders, products, customers, and more.

More than 1500 manufacturers trust MRPeasy software


Ann Richmond

Development Director, Randr

You guys are truly the best and the software is such a lifesaver for small companies like ours. Also just a note, our ISO auditors really liked everything that MRPeasy had. Everything is documented within the system!! And we do not need any additional systems.


Benjamin Raffiani

CEO, Sox Trot

Best value in the small manufacturing space by far. With MRPeasy, our capacity doubled. It streamlined our production, and procurement so well that I’m now able to spend a lot more time on growth and sales. Extremely comprehensive and works seamlessly with Xero and Shopify.

Brandon Ames

CEO, Anicell Biotech

MRPeasy gives us the ability to track all of our manufacturing lot costs right down to the individual serial number of our products. MRPeasy provides the software as a remote service and has never been unavailable to us except in very rare maintenance windows.

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  • AniCell Biotech
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  • Skin Actives Scientific
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