More than 1500 customers trust MRPeasy

Frozen Garden MRPeasy review

Allyson Straka, Founder and CEO, Frozen Garden

Illinois, USA

I’ve worked in software for 15 years so I‘m very picky about what we use. I am impressed with how bug-free the software is, it’s much better than the industry average. And while there is not much middle ground for small manufacturers in terms of software cost and functionality, MRPeasy is precisely in this middle ground.

Ann Richmond, Development Director, Randr

California, USA

You guys are truly the best and the software is such a lifesaver for small companies like ours. Also just a note, our ISO auditors really liked everything that MRPeasy had. Everything is documented within the system!! And we do not need any additional systems.


Benjamin Raffiani, CEO, Sox Trot

North Carolina, USA

Best value in the small manufacturing space by far.

With MRPeasy, our capacity doubled. It streamlined our production, and procurement so well that I’m now able to spend a lot more time on growth and sales.

Extremely comprehensive and works seamlessly with Xero and Shopify. It is user-friendly and easy to understand for any systems-oriented thinker. The video support library made the initial setup much easier, and the support team was there to fill in anything I couldn’t figure out on my own.

Brandon Ames, CEO, Anicell Biotech

Arizona, USA

MRPeasy gives us the ability to track all of our manufacturing lot costs right down to the individual serial number of our products. MRPeasy provides the software as a remote service and has never been unavailable to us except in very rare maintenance windows. Just like its name suggests, it was easy to implement, and now we can manufacture our products to a rigid flow ensuring safe and quality product. And we get all these advantages without having to manage a server.

David Altemir, CEO, Altemir Consulting

Texas, USA

The user interface is excellent, I think. It really is at the right level of complexity for many of my clients. All the screens are very straightforward.

For example, the single object in the purchasing section of MRPeasy is the PO, and that’s it. All of the receiving and purchasing functions are built into that one screen. Other systems will have 20 windows having to do with purchasing and receiving and inventory. In here, it’s just two or three main pages. You can learn two or three screens, you basically have material management under your belt. The same thing on the manufacturing side.

PJ Greco

PJ Greco, President, William Roam

Indiana, USA

I have been researching a lot of software options since we decided to drop NetSuite earlier this year.

You should know that MRPeasy is far better than most of the other options when it comes to the ERP and manufacturing functions.


Tim Grant, CEO, Business Solution Providers

Nevada, USA

Ahead of its time. Easy to use and simple to understand. This is one of the best programmed software out there for this industry. We setup, train, and implement manufacturing software for multiple companies, and clients find it easy to understand and operate. This is one of the very few SMB manufacturing software on the market. It’s reasonably priced and contains all of the functionality a small manufacturer will need: sales, purchasing, production, inventory management, and accounting.

Motion Impossible MRPeasy review

Andy Nancollis, CTO and Co-Founder, Motion Impossible

United Kingdom

MRPeasy is like a silent partner for us; we don’t always realize how much we are leaning on it. But we just couldn’t do a job without it, as it provides us with all the accurate information we need for the products we build. It also helps us find holes in our process and fix them.

Exacta Technologies MRPeasy review

Chris Landen, Operations Manager, Exacta Technologies

United Kingdom

We are now able to give more accurate information on prices and delivery times to customers and our clients prefer the new, cleaner quoting system. Account managers have more visibility into the state of customer relationships. Vendor performance is improving as we are able to expedite purchasing processes and plan supplies in a more efficient manner. All these improvements are passed on to the customer and reflected back to us.


James Cockell, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, Controllis Limited

United Kingdom

MRPeasy has been a great way for us to transitioning to MRP. We’ve formalised our item and BOM structures improved our production planning and made our operational purchasing more robust with this software. Overall we are happy with the product.

The interface is slick and modern. No issues with the software being slow. The program is intuitive and can be picked up easily. There is a surprising amount of functionality. The Junior MRP easily supports multi level BOMs, different production resources, customisable fields on items, adding images etc to items. Stocked and non-stocked items are supported, as are indivisible items (I’ve seen some much larger systems that don’t support this). Safety stock levels can be easily set and maintained, allowing for simple planning. The inventory system allows a fair amount of freedom to define stock locations as needed. The purchasing system works fine, allowing easy tracking of what is on order. I’d say something similar for the Customer order interface -customer orders can be input easily, documents such as proforma or commercial invoices can be defined. We’ve definitely appreciated the customer support we’ve received. Answers come back within 24 hours and though not everything can always be changed, the answers are helpful. On more than one occasion I’ve provided feedback on certain screens and have had the response come back that yes, that sounds like a good change to make and we’ll release that change in a week or so. We’ve found this super helpful and haven’t seen that from too many other software companies.

A Wrate Engineering MRPeasy review

Lee Brien, Director Of Operations, A Wrate Engineering

United Kingdom

It is 1000 percent better than what we were previously using. I love it. We now have all the information in one place – we can see the part, when it’s due, what the costs are, everything. All you need to find is just one click away, which saves us a huge amount of time, and we have eliminated the horrendous paper trail we previously had.

Dr Zigs MRPeasy review

Paola Dyboski, Founder, Dr Zigs

United Kingdom

MRPeasy has increased our efficiency fantastically. It is a distinct part of each weekly meeting, and we could not imagine working without the program.


Paul Ryderd, Managing Director, Utility Meters Warehouse

United Kingdom

MRPeasy allows us to track our manufacturing costs and sales with ease. We are very happy with the product as it saves our employees a lot of time. It helped us to get rid of a lot of paperwork and it syncs very well with our previous accounting system ‘Xero’. We initially thought the transition would be tough, but with the help from Libra Europe Consulting, it turned out to be a smooth process

Britannia 2000 Holdings MRPeasy review

Ralph Jones, Director, Britannia 2000 Holdings

United Kingdom

I set it up myself and it was that easy. Now I’m able to track components and achieve traceability throughout the order chain. So, if we have a bad batch, we can find out which MOs and POs they were part of.

Connetika MRPeasy review

Stephen Elliott, Technical Director, Connetika

United Kingdom

MRPeasy’s production scheduling capability is great – this is something you cannot find even with much more expensive products like SAP Business One.

Cantium Scientific MRPeasy review

Stephen Plumridge, Managing Director, Cantium Scientific

United Kingdom

MRPeasy effectively runs our business for us. It’s the framework for how we manage things. With customers in 50 countries, it helps keeps us stay on track of everything.

Brill Power MRPeasy review

Stuart Grondel, Strategy and Operations Manager, Brill Power

United Kingdom

None of what we do at present would be possible without MRPeasy – it condenses a lot of intricate parts into something much more manageable; it enables us to keep track of orders in progress from the supply side – showing us what’s outstanding. From a customer perspective, I feel we are also able to appear more professional with repeatable, robust, and consistent documentation around delivery notes and invoices.

Francois Byrne, CEO, Hybrid Power Solutions


Great customer service and overall the product is quite strong. Definitely one of the best bang for your buck. Stock, BOM, and inventory management are excellent. Managing production and assembly orders is a breeze.


Danny Smith, Managing Director, RACE Mining


I recommend MRPeasy to anyone looking for a powerful and flexible MRP. I have used other Tier 1 MRP systems previously, and constantly impressed with how capable MRPeasy is compared to it’s much more expensive counterparts.

It has been very intuitive the learn how to use, and support has been excellent on the odd occasion it was required.

Figge Boksjo Beeautify Review

Figge Boksjo, Managing Director, Beeautify Australia


If you are a manufacturing business with assembly work, MRPeasy is a great app. It integrates easily with Shopify and orders are seamlessly synchronised between the systems. We have just migrated from another software and we are very happy we did the swap to a dedicated MRP system. The UI is modern and intuitive and the logic is relevant. It is however a steep learning curve if you have little or no previous experience with manufacturing software. The online material from MRPeasy is great so it’s good advice you watch the videos and get a proper onboarding before you become frustrated.

Murray Brookes, Managing Director, Trig Point


Been using MRPeasy for over a year now.
We are a small manufacturer, with around 1000 part numbers.
Fantastic visibility and control of all stock and manufacturing.
It is a bit of set up time to enter all our data, yet once up and running it certainly has greatly improved our efficiency, predict our workloads and control levels of our subcomponents and raw materials really well.

Alessandro Zanotelli, Managing Director, RIEDL GmbH


Great Solution!

Extremely user-friendly, the manual on-line is always updated and well written. A lot of videos showing different features.
We were able to set-up the ERP autonomously.
The software offers all the most important features required to manage production activities and procurement.
The BOMs are well managed (we use up to 8 level BOMs).

At the moment, we do not have any particular issue. All users are satisfied and are working on the ERP after a few hours of training.


Neil Maree, Managing Director, Genio Roasters

South Africa

We have managed to decrease our stock levels and increase our cash flow tremendously thanks to MRPeasy. Because we can now keep track of our stock levels much more easily and consolidate purchases from the same vendor across multiple orders and BOM’s, we now have shorter manufacturing lead times and increased efficiency. It was easy to implement ourselves and took just over 2 weeks to complete.