Setting up: Email Notifications

Each user can subscribe to personal e-mail notifications regarding events in the system. For example, when a task is assigned to the user, approval is required, or when order statuses change, and more.

User Manual: Notifications

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Hi, in this video we look at how to configure e-mail notifications for yourself in MRPeasy.

In Settings -> System settings -> Notifications, every user can subscribe to the desired e-mail updates.

There are many events that can trigger e-mail notifications.

For example:

  • when a task is assigned to your user;
  • when new items appear in the “critical on-hand” list;
  • when an order status changes;
  • and many others.

To switch these notifications on, press “Edit” and select the desired checkboxes.

You will now start receiving e-mail notifications. For example, immediately after a task is assigned to you.

Order status notifications have direct links to orders so you can quickly access them.

Changing your e-mail notification preferences is simple and always available.

To learn more about MRPeasy, please see our other videos.

Thanks for watching!

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