Serial Numbers

The serial number tracking functionality individually tracks items – parts and products – and records full history and current status of each item.

Serial number tracking in MRPeasy helps you meet quality standards and regulatory compliance.

  • How to track each physical item individually by a serial number.
  • How to report used serial number parts in products with serial numbers.
  • How to input serial numbers.
  • How to gain an overview of serial numbers, and check a specific serial number’s history.
  • How to define custom information fields for serial numbers.
  • How to track the shipping of serial numbered items.
  • How to process customer returns of serial numbered items.

User Manual: Serial Numbers

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In this video, we will show you how the serial number tracking functionality in MRPeasy works.

With the MRPeasy Professional edition, it is possible to track serial numbers of your parts and products.

This functionality allows:

  • Tracking each physical item individually by a serial number
  • Seeing status and history of actions with each serial numbered item
  • Saving which parts were used in a specific product by serial numbers

To enable serial number tracking for an item, open its details page in the stock section and check the “serial numbers” checkbox. Now, serial numbers must be tracked for this item. Also, the “serial numbers” report becomes available for this item.

In addition, it’s possible to freely add custom fields for the serial numbers, which will be displayed in the serial numbers table. 

This allows storing specific information, which you need to know about each item.

Custom fields can be added in  “settings – system settings – custom fields” section.

If the purchased goods have serial numbers, they must be entered upon receipt of the goods.

To record serial numbers during receipt, click on the target lot in the purchase order. It will take you to the stock lot’s details. In the “serial numbers” section, enter the serial numbers.

You can either type in the serial numbers, copy them from a spreadsheet and paste in bulk, or scan them with a barcode reader.

Alternatively, it’s always possible to open the stock lot later and fill in the serial numbers.

The serial numbers of products can be defined in the manufacturing order.

These can be added in the “Serial numbers” section in all different views – the administrative view, the My production plan, and the Advanced Internet-kiosk.

When adding a new product serial number, MRPeasy automatically increments the previous serial number. Alternatively, you can either type in the serial numbers, copy them from a spreadsheet and paste in bulk, or scan them with a barcode reader.

If there are parts with serial numbers, then for each product’s serial number you can save the used parts’ serial numbers.

This is performed in the “Serial numbers” section of the Manufacturing Order, when creating a new product serial number or editing an existing one.

After saving, the parts serial numbers are connected with the product serial number.

If there was an entry mistake, it’s always possible to come back and edit the serial number’s details.

The visibility of selectable serial numbers depends on the software settings and user roles. Let’s see how this operates in different scenarios.

With Tracing enabled, you can only select those part serial numbers which belong to the booked stock lots. 

Here is how serial number reporting works in the “My production plan”.

In the “Serial numbers” section add or edit the product serial number and add the part serial numbers.

When Tracing is disabled, then first you must pick the parts from stock. Now, during the consumption action you are prompted to also select the picked serial numbers.

And then, as a second step, you can connect the part serial numbers with the product serial numbers in the “Serial numbers” section. This time you can only select from part serial numbers that you picked earlier.

For the worker reporting serial numbers via the “Internet-kiosk,” the advanced mode of internet kiosk must be enabled at “Settings → System Settings → Software settings” to access serial numbers.

With Tracing enabled, you can choose serial numbers from lots that have been assigned to the manufacturing order.

To report serial numbers, click on the “serial numbers” button, enter the product serial number and select part serial numbers. When you are finished with a product, click “save.”

It is possible to edit and update the serial numbers in the administrative view by the manager.

When Tracing is disabled, select part serial numbers after the 1st operation is finished, as this is when the system automatically picks the parts from stock and makes serial numbers available for choosing.

Note that once a product serial number is created, it is not possible to edit it in the “Internet-kiosk” mode.

In the “stock serial numbers” section, you will see the overview of all serial numbers recorded in the system. 

Here it’s possible to search for a specific serial number and see its status and full history.

We can also print the labels for parts with this serial number.

If we push the report icon, we will see the history of this part with serial number. Looking in the source Manufacturing Order, we can find in which product this part was consumed.  

When items are being picked for shipping, the software will prompt you to select the serial numbers that are being picked.

Select the ‘Shipped Serial Numbers’ and click ‘Save.’

Now, it’s possible to see which serial number a customer received.

For manually writing off serial numbered items go to Stock – Write-offs and create new. When write-off is saved, add the item’s serial number. 

When using the Enterprise function “Return Merchandise Authorization,” it’s possible to record which serial numbered products were returned to you. 

To record the serial number, simply click the “+” button in the RMA order to save the serial number of the product and MRPeasy will match it with the serial number already saved in the system.

Now MRPeasy will add the customer return and service information to the serial number’s history.

The serial number tracking can be enabled in the section “Settings – System settings – Professional functions.”

In this video, we described how the serial number tracking system works.

To learn more about MRPeasy, please see our other videos.

Thanks for watching!

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