Sales Management

Sales management reports which show the actions of individual salespeople make it easier to gain an understanding of an individual’s performance.

In the MRPeasy CRM, how to check which customers a salesperson has contacted, when, how the customers have been moved in the sales pipeline, which invoices have been created by the salesperson and more.

User Manual: Sales Management

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With the MRPeasy Enterprise pricing plan, it is possible to get more detailed sales management reports about your salespeople.

Choose CRM, and the tab “sales management.”

Here you can choose if you would like to see summary reports for all users (or pick a specific user) to see how workers are performing.

Also, you can choose a specific period, or freely define the date range.

You can see various reports:

  • Which customers have been contacted
  • Which new statuses have been assigned to customers, according to how they position in your sales pipeline, and a drill-down of the specific customers
  • A detailed overview of the invoices created by a user

These reports make it easier to keep track of your salespeople’s performance and gain a better overview.

In this video, we described the sales management reports.

To learn more about MRPeasy, please see our other videos.

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