Barcode System: Printing and Scanning Barcodes

The Barcode System functionality enables barcode reader support for MRPeasy, plus generation and printing barcodes from MRPeasy.

  • Barcodes for manufacturing inventory.
  • How to use barcodes for fast and accurate lookup and data entry.
  • How to enforce stock lot traceability through the use of barcoding.

User Manual: Barcode System: Printing and Scanning Barcodes

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With MRPeasy Enterprise edition, it is possible to enable barcoding support and utilize the help of many different types of barcodes.

Item barcodes

An item barcode is shared among all pieces of the same stock item. It is used to identify the item.

When an item’s barcode is scanned, this either perform a search function in the current software section. Or, if you are entering data, it will auto-fill the item selection field.

The barcodes can be printed in the Stock -> Items section and the item details page, where they can also be changed.

Manufacturing Order barcodes

Manufacturing orders have several different types of barcodes.

If this document travels with your product, then this allows the operator to quickly pull up the right screen in MRPeasy, for example:

  • for reporting a specific operation, scan the operation barcode,
  • for pulling up the whole order, scan the order barcode on top,
  • in multi-level manufacturing orders, scan the sub-assembly barcode to open its section.
Stock lot barcodes

If stock lot tracking is an important operation in your company, to make identification and tracking easier, it’s possible to print out stock lot labels together, with unique barcodes, for each lot.

When a lot barcode is scanned, by default, the software searches for this stock lot and opens its details page.

If you are reporting production operations in the “My production plan,” and scan the lot barcode, then:

  • If the items from this lot are booked for this order, a consumption reporting window opens where you can enter the quantity to be consumed.
  • Or if you scan a wrong lot, you will receive an error message, so you couldn’t mistakenly consume the wrong items.

Stock lot labels can be printed out during receipt, when receiving purchased goods, from the “stock – stock lots” section, and from inside a manufacturing order.

Storage location barcodes

With the help of storage location barcodes, it is easy to move items from one location to another.

To move items, simply scan the lot barcode of the item, then the new storage location, and save.

Enabling barcodes

Barcoding can be enabled and configured at section “settings – system settings – enterprise functions.”

Supported barcode readers

Generally, barcode readers can be connected via USB for computers and via Bluetooth for tablets and smartphones.

In addition, the MRPeasy iOS and Android apps allow the device’s camera to be used as a barcode reader.

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