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Week 48 in Manufacturing News
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Week 48 in Manufacturing News

US Manufacturers Have Jobs to Fill. Finding Workers Here at Home is the Problem; 5G to Give UK Manufacturing £5.2bn Economic Boost; CIPS: Latest PMI Survey Shows Growth in UK Manufacturing; Manufacturing Industry Trends: How Tech is Powering Australia’s Manufacturing Evolution.

US Manufacturers Have Jobs to Fill. Finding Workers Here at Home is the Problem

As CEO of a global manufacturing company, I am focused on our personnel and hiring needs. Our business is defined by our people, and our workforce is crucial to our success. When we can’t find the talent we need, our organization’s potential stagnates.

Recently, at one of our US factories, we were looking to fill several machine operator positions, which historically attracted an abundance of solid candidates. This time, however, we were having difficulty finding qualified applicants. Moreover, our efforts to add additional operators at other facilities across the United States were also proceeding considerably more slowly than expected.

Source: CNN Business

5G to Give UK Manufacturing £5.2bn Economic Boost

Notably, over three-quarters of the total projected additional economic growth from 5G will be driven by three industries: manufacturing (£5.2bn), construction (£4.2bn), and agriculture (£2.2bn).

John Griffin, head of Ericsson UK & Ireland, commented: ”This new research shows that 5G technology will be a foundation for the UK’s future as it recovers from COVID-19 and builds a world-leading digital economy. As an open innovation platform, 5G will accelerate digital transformation and help the UK establish a truly global leadership position in the industries and technologies of the future. Ericsson is already leading the deployment of 5G in the UK and is committed to developing the early use cases that will deliver the economic, social and environmental returns to build a sustainable and resilient infrastructure for future generations.”

Source: Manufacturing Global

CIPS: Latest PMI Survey Shows Growth in UK Manufacturing

“Some comfort comes from the data suggesting that the impact of the lockdown has not been as severe as in the spring, and manufacturing has also received a significant boost from inventory building and a surge in exports ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU at the end of the year, providing a fillip for many companies. However, while the lockdown will be temporary, so too will this pre-Brexit boost,” commented Chris Williamson, Chief Business Economist at IHS Markit.

Source: Manufacturing Global

Manufacturing Industry Trends: How Tech is Powering Australia’s Manufacturing Evolution

Australian manufacturers have faced enormous challenges over the past 12 months, and many are reviewing and reevaluating their operations and position to create resilient foundations and robust ways of working that can support them in the coming years.

Research from the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre identified technology as being essential for manufacturers to set themselves up for success. Recently, that was backed up by research conducted by Industrial Ideas, in collaboration with Deakin University and Salesforce, which gave a great insight into some of the areas of focus for those working in manufacturing.

Source: Manufacturers’ Monthly


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