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The Success Comes From the Roots of the Company
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The Success Comes From the Roots of the Company

The MRPeasy story can be described in no other way than one of success. Having been built from many years’ research and development, and grounded in a solid base of relevant technical know-how, the team is giving the customer exactly what they want and more.

As a manufacturing resource planning tool, their product not only rises to the challenges laid down by complicated and expensive industry standard software, but it surpasses it for ease of use and functionality.

Many of their loyal customers are delighted with what MRPeasy has helped them to achieve, Paula Staples, Asia-Pacific director at Owen Mumford Ltd. states: “The process from watching the demo to implementing the system and inputting data has been both smooth and efficient. The package has been very well designed to the point you can successfully start the project without a heavy dependence on a project manager or several consultants.” She goes on to say how easy the system is to implement and praises the intuitive disposition of the software on a day to day basis.  With a background in dealing with software suppliers she praises the company by saying how, “very impressed with MRPeasy’s professionalism and support,” she was.

In fact many of the testimonials received from  clients echo the same points.  “Absolutely fantastic customer service,” says Väinö Komulainen, Production Planner at AX-Design Oy in Finland.  Tom Hills, Head Distiller at East London Liquor Company Ltd. says: “I’m having a great time exploring the software and it is very intuitive,” a word that comes up again and again. “I really like what you’re doing,” says Pete DuBrule of Datran BSL, Canada. It’s the usability of the products and the knowledgeable and friendly after-sales service that really impresses the majority of their clients.

The competition is hot: Up against established industry players such as Germany’s SAP and software behemoth Microsoft with their Dynamics AX (previously known as Axapta) they have been incredibly successful in converting users of these ageing systems into their own clients. Alex Loo, Senior Systems Engineer, and Cape Productions Inc. explain: “After investigating and demoing several MRP services, we chose MRPeasy, as their offering most closely matched what we were looking for. Additionally, they were incredibly proactive in addressing and implementing our suggestions, even before we became customers. Since implementing their service, we have been able to effectively track our inventory, understand the total dollar value committed, and better document how the piece parts are consumed into finished products.”

The secret to the success of MRPeasy is those behind it, their expertise and the ability to impart their knowledge to the benefit of new and existing clients. When a company is run by people who really know what they are doing, the clients see, as is evident from a quote by Jaime Portocarrero, Strategic sourcing and supply manager for Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Microsoft, what says: “You have a solid understanding of Discrete/Process Manufacturing application functions.” From such a source, this is a compliment indeed.

The author of this guest post is Daniel J. Coll, a business writer and journalist.

MRPeasy Team
MRPeasy Team

We are a passionate team dedicated to changing the reputation that ‘MRP systems are complex’, ‘difficult to use’, and ‘expensive’. A robust MRP system is essential for efficient production, but it doesn’t have to be so complex that the costs of implementing and operating it outweigh the benefits. We believe that an MRP system can be powerful, simple, and affordable.

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