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Case Study: Nordic Aluminium has selected MRPeasy MRP software
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Case Study: Nordic Aluminium has selected MRPeasy MRP software

Nordic Aluminium MRPeasy

Nordic Aluminium, an HWL Windows Group company, dedicated to bespoke aluminum windows and doors, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, has selected MRPeasy MRP software to manage their production. Anticipating a significant growth trajectory, Nordic Aluminium is better able to manage customer, manufacturing and purchase orders, financial reporting, stock and quality control for its clients.

“We had no bespoke system before MRPeasy, we were reliant on spreadsheets to manage stock and plan production. This proved to be time-consuming and difficult at times. Stock figures were not accurate, production planning was difficult, and information was not easily accessible.

Accounting was also managed through spreadsheets and required manual input into our accounting software, which in some cases lead to human error.” – said Daniel Major, Nordic Aluminium CIO.

“We explored various options including big name and big cost software, none of these really appealed, these either had too many features or not enough. Another issue faced by MRPeasy competitors is some of the offerings were modular in design and it became very expensive to have all the features.

MRPeasy offered everything we needed at a reasonable cost and with it been hosted in the cloud it allows 24/7 access and removes the overhead of running additional hardware and software. Another big bonus for us is that it didn’t take long to get started and the support from the team at MRPeasy proved to be really helpful from the start.” – Major continued.

“We see already the following benefits of using MRPeasy:

  • Better management of stock including purchase orders, inventory and waste management.
  • More accurate production planning and analysis of completed jobs.
  • Analysis of worker performance.
  • Integration with Xero has saved time in accounting.
  • Cloud integration and speed.
  • The learning curve is small, and the support team is great!” – Daniel Major summed up.
MRPeasy Team
MRPeasy Team

We are a passionate team dedicated to changing the reputation that ‘MRP systems are complex’, ‘difficult to use’, and ‘expensive’. A robust MRP system is essential for efficient production, but it doesn’t have to be so complex that the costs of implementing and operating it outweigh the benefits. We believe that an MRP system can be powerful, simple, and affordable.

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